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BGRS relocation services

Brookfield Relocation Services: Canadian Armed Forces Relocation Program

Customized Planning Sessions

CAF Members can book a 30-minute planning session, to discuss their particular situation with a BGRS Agent. This can include a tour of the Member Secure Website, assisting in clarifying sections in the CAF Relocation Directive, reviewing expense claims, etc. To promptly secure a first planning session during the Active Posting Season (APS), CAF members need to book the session immediately after completing their Preliminary Relocation Assessment (PRA). The BGRS system prioritizes first planning session requests for the next 5 business days of the PRA being completed. Requesting a first session on day 4 after completing the PRA significantly reduces the priority element, as only 1 business day is left in the priority structure. All subsequent requests for a planning session are based on availability.

What CAF members do...

  • Review and register on
  • Book a planning session
  • Enter banking information
  • Read the Relocation Directive
  • Complete personalized tasks
  • Request advance of funds and submit expense claims
  • Request commercial travel
  • Upload supporting documentation and receipts
  • Select TPSPs directly
  • Complete the HG&E forms and forward to Base Traffic
  • Finalize their move file once settled at the new location

  • What BGRS does...

  • Facilitate the relocation experience
  • Clarify the process and the Relocation Directive
  • Provide bilingual Agents to assist
  • Help prioritize the relocation by generating personalized Tasks
  • Estimate funds
  • Create a Move Budget
  • Advance funds once requested by the CAF member
  • Review expenses and receipts
  • Facilitate travel through HRG
  • Assist CAF member with the completion of the HG&E forms including movement of PMV